Reasons to love Lee Hyukjae: C-0404

↪7. his passion in dancing 

EH: I always want to be the best when it comes to dancing and when I go out, I want to make sure Super Junior can stand against the rest of the idols with our dance. I feel that sort of responsibility.

After being on tumblr for more than 2 years now, I’ve really met the awesomest people. And with this i want to thank you, the people i admire from afar and most importantly you, my friends that I have met on here. So here is my follow forever. Thank you for filling my dash day by day with amazing and beautiful works :)

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And very importantly i want to thank you my followers for following me <3 
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Sending lots of love to the ones i hold very dear
HXM, haehae, Anjica, Saj, Therese, Alex, Caitlyn, Janie and Line
for putting up with my craziness all of the time. lol You idiots are the best!
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refrigereitor asked: MELODY. ITS BEEN 84 YEARS. Once you get this, share 5 random facts about yourself and then pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers :D



1. im not really good with facts abt myself??
2. im inlove with hoechlin and dylan o’brien
3. holy frick uhh i think i like summer more than winter now
4. tv shows runs my life 
5  i suck at everything heh

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SJM Swing Photo Teaser -COLOR


SJM Swing Photo Teaser

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